The Collaboration Readiness tool allows you to understand practices and approaches that underlie your readiness to collaborate with a university or research institute.

The tool (and associated index) is a collaboration between the CSIRO, RMIT, University of Queensland and Queensland University of Technology. This has been created in response to Recommendation Nine of Enablers and Barriers to Industry R&D Collaboration.

These university and research organisations are motivated to the continued improvement of Australia’s integration between SMEs and science research. This project is funded and supported by CSIRO’s SME Collaboration Initiative.


CSIRO’s national SME Connect team have specialised industry knowledge that can assist business to get the most value out of research and development collaboration activities.

We facilitate connections between business and research, to match the very best capabilities to business projects from CSIRO or other research institutions across Australia.

Talk to a local SME Connect facilitator.

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Business owner and researcher collaborating in warehouse